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Herbal Henna

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Herbal henna is being used to make different skin and hair care products for the ancient times. Even as far back as 6000 years, herbal henna was used for coloring the nails and hairs of mummies. It is commonly used in areas of India, the Middle East and Africa for centuries. Herbal Henna became popular in England and some other European countries in 1800s among the women who were connected to Aesthetic Movement and Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. At that time the fashion of Orientalism led young women to start tinting their hair with henna which later becomes a trend.

Where Herbal Henna is Used ?

Now, in 21st century, herbal henna is being used by people across the world especially in India, Middle East, Unites States, Canada, Australia and many parts of Europe. It is being manufactured by different manufacturers around the world and supplied as commercial packaged product. Most of the Herbal Henna products are developed in India and is exported to the world because of the being the origin of henna and the largest producer of natural herbal henna.

It is being used to develop different kind of skin care and hair care products for different purposes. Most of the time herbal henna is used as a natural hair dye and the results produced after dying depends on the current color of the hair and the quality of Henna.

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Uses of Herbal Henna

  • Herbal Henna is mainly used for hair dying purpose but in many parts of the world it is being used to create body arts. In India, herbal henna is considered as a thing of honor and is used in many traditional ways like in marriages, festivals and some other cultural celebrations. For dying purpose, herbal henna is supplied in the form of powder and is applied to skin or hair after converting it into the past by mixing some ingredients.
  • Herbal Henna flowers were used to make perfumes in the ancient times but the trend of using herbal henna flowers to make perfumes is coming back to the track.
  • Being an anti-fungal element, henna is also used as a preservative for leather and cloth.

How to Use Herbal Henna

  • Allow to sit henna mixed with water or lemon juice for duration of 1 to 2 hour.
  • Wear the gloves and apply Herbal henna paste on to your damp or dry hair by sections starting from back to forward.
  • Wrap your hair and again allow sitting the paste for a period of 1 to 6 hours depending upon the coloring penetration you need.
  • Wash your hair with normal water and see the complete effect after 48 hours.

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  • 150 gms Aluminium Foil Pack
  • 50 gms Aluminium Foil Pack

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