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Multani Mitti Manufacturers

About Natural Multani Mitti


Mutani mitti or Fuller’s earth is a natural earth material which is also known as ‘Bentonite’ is to be used for facial pack and remove impurities without any side effects. It’s also called anti wrinkle products. Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth is naturally occurring sedimentary clay composed mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, and water in extremely variable proportions that has a strong ability to absorb the impurities or coloring from bodies.

Multani Mitti is a high tech material which used for de-colorization, filter and purify animal, mineral and vegetable oils and greases. Fuller’s earth cleans our body and removes oil from skin surface. It’s also act as bleach to remove dark spots, pimples and other skin impurities. Medically, the clay has the ability to absorb toxins and bacteria because it is a high composition mineral product.

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Fuller's earth is also a natural way to remove impurities without stripping the hair of its natural moisturisers. Medically, the clay absorbs bacteria and toxins and reduces water loss. Because of its high mineral content, it is used to reduce arthritic pain, and strengthen fingernails, teeth, gums and hair. It has even been used as an emergency treatment for individuals who have ingested a harmful substance, in order to decrease the amount of poison absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract.

Mud in general can help take the pain out of burns and bee stings (bears roll around in it when they're stung), and when wet clay dries on the skin, it can draw out heat and reduce inflammation. Spiritually, a mudpack can help ground you. Healers recommend a mudpack in preparation of rituals and spells of prosperity and healing.

How to Use Multani Mitti?

Multani MittiMultani Mitti for Skin
Take a 1 spoon of fuller’s earth, 1 spoon of mint powder and 1 spoon of curd and mix properly for half an hour. Apply this paste on your face and neck and avoid contact with the eyes. Rinse off after 20 minutes with cold water to get the natural glow. This is homemade treatment for eliminating dark patches.

To remove blackheads: Many people don’t know Multani Mitti can actually remove white and black spots from the skin. Mix 114 grams of almonds powder, 57 grams of glycerin soap and 28 grams of Multani Mitti in a 1/4th cup of water. Mix all ingredients properly and pate this scrub on your check bones, nose and chin. Massage for 20 min and wash off to see removed blocked pores.

It Improve dull and damaged hair, first mix water and Multani Mitti. Wash your hair with warm water and massage it with few drops of apricot oil and wrap a plastic cap on your head for an hour. Apply a mixture of 2 spoon of Multani Mitti to your scalp for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo and warm water.

Fuller’s earth is best for oily skin. It is to be used every day if the skin is too oily. However, it should be applied for the right duration of time. It should not be used on sensitive skin.

Also Read: Benefits of Multani Mitti

Availabe in the following Packings

  • 50 kg Jute Box
  • 1 Kg Poly Pack
  • 100 gms box Packet

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